About Us

Barn Happy is a local business in Cedar Falls started 15 years ago.  After many years of being a diary farm, it was time to change the old barn, which was built in 1925, into a one-of-a-kind business.  Barn Happy feels it is important to preserve the agricultural heritage and values of the heartland.  It works to give customers and visitors a genuine snapshot of the state.  All food is made locally, and a great selection of fine arts and crafts are also sold at Barn Happy. Barn Happy's website can be found at https://barnhappy.net.

After 15 years of finding the best Iowa made products, we decided to clean out another barn on the property as an assembly barn to create baskets/boxes to help others give the gift of Iowa. Barn Happy Gifts takes some of the most popular Iowa-made goodies and puts them in a gift basket for local pick up or into a gift box to share the love of Iowa all over the US.